KNOTFEST JAPAN 2023 Pre-order
【Admission ticket】

All the following time is JAPAN time.

Schedule for application acceptance/lottery result announcement

Application acceptance period

Fri, Jan 27/2023 12:00pm 

to Sun, Feb 05/2023 23:59

Lottery result announcement

Thu, Feb 09/2023 18:00 

(Estimated Time)

How to confirm the results

Please check on the lottery result from Application Status Inquiry is here as soon as possible after the result is announced.


For application status inquiry, both Application Receipt Number that is shown on the acceptance completion screen and Password for application status inquiry that was registered at the time of application are required.


We will transmit a result notification email as support information at the time and date of the announcement above. However, if you don’t receive the email, please make sure to check on the lottery result in the (Application Status Inquiry) by yourself.


Please configure the setting to allow emails from to be received. The email cannot be retransmitted.


We are not responsible for any delay in delivery/non-delivery of the email due to an internet path failure or a misconfiguration of the mail server or the terminal you use.

*The system maintenance is conducted from 2:30am to 5.30am every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Details of the target Performance(s) for application

KNOTFEST JAPAN 2023【Admission ticket】

Sat, Apr 01/2023 11:00

Venue:Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

Type of Seat/Price(Tax included): 1day Ticket - 9,800JPY , 2Day Ticket - 24,600JPY

Sun, Apr 02/2023 11:00

Venue:Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall

Type of Seat/Price(Tax included): 1day Ticket - 15,800JPY


* All Standing, tax included. One drink fee of 500 Yen is payable per person per day at the door.
* Children aged 6 and above require a ticket. Children under 6 are not allowed entry.
* Tickets will not be refunded due to change of Artists performing at the Event/Festival.
* Tickets may sell out during pre-order periods.
* Open and start time is subject to change.
* Re-Sale Prohibited.
* Tickets will not be reissued for any reason.
* Please purchase after reading the notes on the ticketing page.
* In case the show is cancelled you will receive a ticket refund, howeverwe do not compensate travel fee, accommodation fee, or any other costs you may have relating to the show cancellation.
* Please be note that if you unable to the event for any reason including COVID-19 infection, having a fever over 37.5℃ and side effects of vaccination after ticket orders have been fulfilled, you will not be entitled to a refund or exchange your ticket for another festival date.

【Request for visitors】
* In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, this event will take thorough measures in accordance with the novel coronavirus disease control guidelines for concerts established by the national government.
* Please regularly consult official website as these guidelines are subject to change depending on the latest COVID-19 regulations from the government.
* Personal Information we obtain when you purchase will be submitted to governmental organizations or venues when required relating to COVID-19.
* Please wear masks inside the venue.

Flow of Application

  1. Details of the performances that accept applications
    Please check on the details of the target Performance(s) for application, and then proceed by clicking the “NEXT” button after confirming the precautions about the performance.
  2. Precautions
    Please proceed to an application input screen by clicking the “Agree” button after confirming the precautions for application and methods for settlement/Ticket Issuance
  3. Application Input
    Input the necessary items in the entry form. If there are any mistakes in the content of the inputs, an error message will be displayed. Please enter your information according to the instructions on the screen.
  4. Confirmation of your application content
    Please check on the inputs again when your application content is displayed. If there is no problem, please click the “Entry” button.
  5. Completion of Application
    The application is completed when the application completion message is shown on the screen.
    *The application completion email will be transmitted.
    *Please make sure to confirm your application content in the Application Status Inquiry pages.